AA Chairperson's Message

Welcome Convention Family, Friends, and Guests!

Welcome to the 47th Annual San Fernando Valley Convention. 

Our theme this year is: Trust God.  Clean House.  Help Others.  This was Dr. Bob’s prescription for recovery.   Nothing in my life has helped me as much as following this simple prescription for living.


The hardest part is to always remember it! 

I would like to thank the AA and Al-Anon along with the Spanish AA and Al-Anon Committees for all your contributions.  Without all of you who have spent many hours working to make this Convention meaningful, this Convention would not exist.   I would also like to extend my deepest thanks to all the Volunteers that make this weekend the joyful Convention that it is.  Your enthusiasm brings the spirit of AA alive.

I can clearly remember my first Convention in 1984.  I remember SherAli in her gold sequined dress at the Sheraton.  I volunteered as a greeter and stayed up all night.  I had such fun that weekend, and I really hadn’t been having much fun before then!   But most importantly, I met my sponsor in the Hospitality Room that weekend and all these years later she is still my sponsor.  I am eternally grateful to God and AA for my sobriety and life today.

My hope for you is that you find the joy of warm and welcoming fellowship and the peace of recovery at our Convention this year and every day of your life following Dr. Bob's simple prescription for Alcoholics.

In Love and Service, 
Sande B
2023 SFVAA Convention Chairperson

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